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Events & Workshops

Policies and Terms


Week Workshops

       Unicorn Workshop & Cotton Candy Workshop

  • Full payment is due.

  • Sibblings have $10 discount from full price. 

  • Any guest(s) that is a no show will not be allowed a refund.

  • Absolutely no spots will be reserved  without cleared Payment and signed contract.

  • Cancellations must be made at least One week in advance. Failure to cancel event in a timely manner will result in Refund of  half of full payment. 

  • Posh Parties reserves the right to change dates in case of emergency.

  • Posh Parties LLC is not responsible for allergic reactions or illnesses related to any food and/or beverage(s), brought in by Posh Parties, host or parent.

  • No outside food allowed.

  • Parents are always responsible for child(ren) behavior.  


Financial Policies

  • The following financial terms must be applied to book a Posh Parties LLC ​Event or Workshop. 

    • We accept credit, debit cards,  and cash,

    • All Events and Workshops must be paid prior of event date through our website or in person. 

    • No personal checks will be accepted as payment.

    • If customer refuses to participate during event or workshop, no refund will be given.


Cancellation and No-Show Policy

  • In case, Posh Parties events or workshop need to be changed to a different date and/or time, you will be notified and your payment will be used for the next scheduled event.

    • If unable to make the next event or workshop a refund will be made to your card used online and if paid cash, arrangement will be made to meet at facility to refund cash payment. 

    • Refunds made online can take 2-7 days to reach your bank account.

  • Customer cancellations must be made at least two (2) days in advance from event or workshop. 

    • Customer failure to cancel in a timely manner will result in a non-refundable payment.

  • Any event  or workshop that is a no show will not be allowed a refund.​​



  • You Release, hold harmless, waive and discharge Posh Parties and its staff from all claims, losses or damages sustained by Posh Parties, staff, volunteer and/or by any guest of the event or as a result of any services provided by Posh Parties LLC and staff at the event.

  • I Acknowledge that there are certain risks involved in participating in the Events and workshops, in addition to the usual risks and dangers inherent in any physical activity, including without limitation allergic reactions, slips, falls, or as a result of physical contact with another person, or any unlikely injuries that may occur onsite.  

Medical Attention

  • I understand that personal injury can and may occur to your child(ren), and I hereby authorize Posh Parties LLC employees, and/or volunteers, to seek   emergency medical attention for your child  (911 and parent will be called); and I further agree to be liable for and to pay all costs incurred in connection with such medical attention.



  • We are a party planning event boutique and our events and workshops are for entertainment purposes only. Our spa activities are NOT performed by licensed professionals. We do not cut, file or trim nails.

  • Disposable combs are used for hairstyles. Disposable makeup applicators are used to eliminate any bacteria or infections. Posh Parties reserves the right to refuse service to any guest who is experiencing poor hygienic matters.  Examples are infestation of head lice, other diseases of the scalp that are spread in a similar manner, etc.

  • I Warrant that I have notified Posh Parties of any allergies that I, or my child(ren), or any of the guests of the event may have.

  • I acknowledge that while Posh Parties will make efforts to accommodate any requests for alternate products or food but cannot ensure cross-contamination. 

  • Posh Parties LLC is not responsible for allergic reactions or illnesses related to any food and/or beverage(s) brought in by Posh Parties, host or parent.


Photography and Social Media Disclaimer

  • Posh Parties reserves the right to photograph events they design, and or/use photographs taken at your event in any or all promotional media, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by Posh Parties, in perpetuity, and for other use by Posh Parties. As a customer of Posh Parties, you agree that you will make no monetary or other such claim against Posh Parties for the use of any photographs taken of you, your child (or children), and  guests.


Event & Workshop Policies

  • Timeliness is imperative to having a successful event and workshop experience! Please arrive on time.  No early entry is permitted.  Doors open 5 minutes before event and/or workshop. 

    • If a guest arrives late , they are welcome to join the event or workshop at whatever point it has progressed to.

    • End time of event and/or workshop will end as scheduled .

  • Posh Parties is not a childcare facility.

    • You are responsible for the behavior of your children at all times.

    • We kindly ask you to monitor and attend to any child that does not want to participate so we can provide full attention to the event experience.  

    • Guests may be asked to leave at any point if they are endangering others.

    • Parents must stay during events and/or workshop. 

  • All decorations, costumes, accessories, serving utensils, glassware, china, linens, etc. are property of Posh Parties and must not be removed from the premises. Please ensure that your guests are aware of this policy as well.

  • No outside food is allowed for guests of the events and or workshops.

 Slime Workshop:

  •  Products  are NOT edible and can be a choking hazard.

  • IF CONSUMED, CALL Immediately Poison control at (800) 222-1222.

Ceramic Painting:

  • Products are NOT edible and can be a choking hazard.

  • IF CONSUMED, CALL Immediately Poison control at (800) 222-1222.

Bath Bomb Workshop:

  • Products are NOT edible and can be a choking hazard.

  • IF CONSUMED, CALL Immediately Poison control at (800) 222-1222.

Kids Yoga Events with Robin:

  •  I hereby release Posh Parties LLC, its employees,contracted yoga teacher, agents and volunteers, from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action and possible causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury (including death) that may be sustained by my child while participating in this event.  

  • Craft Products are NOT edible and can be a choking hazard.

  • IF CONSUMED, CALL Immediately Poison control at (800) 222-1222.

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